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Click Here to Try iCampus 360See how iCampus360° comprehensive system provides all of the necessary functions for your school's administrative staff.  Click on any of the reports to see how the data entered translated into easy to use information that is right at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All available to you with no licensing fees and hardware expenses.

Control costs by eliminating all licensing fees and hardware expenses.

Combine and update all your school’s applications.

Streamline and simplify all your processes to sustain a competitive advantage by:

  • Improving recruitment- management.
  • Simplifying the admissions process by doing it all online.
  • Providing students with online class registration and payment process.
  • Recording transcripts and recording all grades in students’ profiles online.
  • Improving fund raising by managing alumni online.
  • Expediting fees collection; and Enhancing school communication by giving participants their own school social network.
  • Providing full scale of reports for easier financial management.
  • Facilitating management and accreditation process by providing an ability to build customized reports on the fly.

Click here to try iCampus360°